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SubjectRe: Update to 2.5.x snapshots
Jacek Kawa wrote:
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>Old 2.5.x BK snapshots on are now moved into the "old"
>>sub-directory, instead of being deleted.
>>The script change is untested... so yell at me if things break when
>>Linus releases 2.5.64.
> It may not be related, but
> has "BitKeeper patches since v2.4.21-pre4: 354 Changesets"
> (not latest -pre).

Yep, I know :)

The point of nightly snapshots is more for users use and testing
purposes. The csets are very useful for developers, but a bit of a
moving target for users. If users are using the per-cset snapshots,
then it becomes a non-trivial chore to developers to track down exactly
what version of the kernel a problem is reported against.


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