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SubjectRe: Firewire Buslink dirve incorrectly detected as a LiteOn in 2.4.20
On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 08:06:44AM -0700, MaxF wrote:
> All kernels post 2.4.20-xx are detecting my firewire Buslink CD-RW
> as:
> Feb 9 07:54:19 maxer kernel: Vendor: LITE-ON Model:
> LTR-48125W Rev: VS06
> Buslink model #RW4848FE
> I do have however a second drive that is a Lite-On, but is not firewire.
> Any ideas?

Many of the Buslink FireWire drives have Lite-On drives inside. The
output you pasted is exactly what I'd expect from a BusLink FireWire

Is this a change in behavior from previous kernels (i.e., did it show
something different in the past?) If so, what did an older kernel show?
If there's a difference, that could indeed be a bug.

Conversely, if you're merely surprised that one company manufactured the
drive and a different company put the drive into a FireWire enclosure, I
wouldn't consider that to be a bug in Linux.

-Barry K. Nathan <>
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