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SubjectRe: Some Doubts About bootsect.S & Setup.S
> 1)
> sread: .word 0 # sectors read of current track
> head: .word 0 # current head
> track: .word 0 # current track
> Since a diskette can have at most 2 heads, 80 tracks and 36 sectors per
> track, why are these not bytes instead of words especially since space is at
> such a tight premium in this code?


> Someone(H. Peter Anvin) tell me that these codes was old and broken, and was
> getting nuked in 2.5.

The in-kernel bootloader will almost certainly not be in 2.6.

Personally, I think it would be good to replace it with some kind of
monitor, but I don't think anybody else would agree with me :-)

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