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SubjectRe: fsck out of memory
On Feb 07, 2003  16:17 +0100, wrote:
> i'm trying to run e2fsk after a system hang
> after 1 hour running (70%) which had a memory usage for about 128M
> i get these errors in the dmesg :
> Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).
> Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).
> Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).
> Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).
> I really wonder if there is something wrong with e2fsk ?
> does it really need that much memory ?
> (fsck on 2.2TB /dev/md0)

I don't think many people have run e2fsck on such a large filesystem
before when there are lots of problems. It is entirely possible that
you need so much memory for such a large filesystem. I would suggest
creating a larger swap file temporarily (on some other partition) so
that e2fsck can complete.

It _may_ be that e2fsck could reduce memory consumption somewhere (or
enable a "use less memory but run slowly" heuristic, but that isn't
very likely, or if it was it would be very slow.

Regarding the "use fsck.ext3" response - ignore it, it is incorrect.
There is no difference at all between fsck.ext2, fsck.ext3, e2fsck.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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