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SubjectRe: fsck out of memory
ok added some swap space (4 gigabyte)

usage was about 2.5GB

till aborted :

d0: 64450554/dev/md0: 64450555/dev/md0: 64450556/dev/md0:
64450557/dev/md0: 64450558/dev/md0: 64450559/dev/md0: 64450560/dev/md0:
64450561/dev/md0: 64450562/dev/md0: 64450563/dev/md0: 64450564/dev/md0:
64450565/dev/md0: 64450566/dev/md0: 64450567/dev/md0: 64450568/dev/md0:
64450569/dev/md0: 64450570/dev/md0: 64450571/dev/md0: 64450572/dev/md0:
64450573/dev/md0: 64450574/dev/md0: 64450575/dev/md0: 64450576/dev/md0:
64450577/dev/md0: 64450578/dev/md0: 64450579/dev/md0: 64450580/dev/md0:
64450581/dev/md0: 64450582/dev/md0: 64450583/dev/md0: 64450584/dev/md0:
64450585/dev/md0: 64450586/dev/md0: 64450587/dev/md0: 64450588/dev/md0:
64450589/dev/md0: 64450590e2fsck: Can't allocate block element

e2fsck: aborted
/dev/md0: 153834/76922880 files (9.3% non-contiguous), 181680730/615381536

any hints ?
(i really would like to get back a clean fs (with ext3 journal))
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