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Subjectfsck out of memory
i'm trying to run e2fsk after a system hang
after 1 hour running (70%) which had a memory usage for about 128M
i get these errors in the dmesg :

Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).
Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).
Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).
Out of Memory: Killed process 732 (fsck.ext2).

and this some pages

top gives me this info for fsck.ext2 :

732 root 9 0 592M 465M 2068 S 64.7 92.6 6:31 fsck.ext2

Mem: 514360K av, 512176K used, 2184K free, 0K shrd, 564K
Swap: 136544K av, 136544K used, 0K free 3120K

system has 512Megabyte memory (and 128mb swap (only fileserver, never
needed more swap)

I really wonder if there is something wrong with e2fsk ?
does it really need that much memory ?
(fsck on 2.2TB /dev/md0)

it was putting a lot of info on the screen (for some minutes) :
Duplicate/bad block in inode ... / ... ... ... ... ...
(and scrolling in real fast speed)

e2fsprogs version 1.27 with kernel 2.4.20 (+lbd patch)
i tried upgrading e2fsutils to 1.32 (latest version), but this doesn't

any hints ? (maybe a way to disable the enormous output from
'Duplicate/bad block in inode ..' ?)

(also why does it tell, killed when it stays running (otherwise it can't
kill multiple times...))
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