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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Restore module support.

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Greg KH wrote:

> > There should be no real difference as I'd like to integrate Kai's patch too.
> Ok, I'm confused, you're advocating putting back the old modutils
> interface, but somehow not using the old modutils code? I don't
> understand.

No, I'm advocating to break as little as possible. I'm certainly willing
to port any interesting feature from Rusty's patches. If one feature
requires changes to modutils, that's fine.

> Neither one of those proposals, no any others, were backed with working
> examples. Rusty had the only working example of getting rid of the
> userspace knowledge of the kernel data structures that I know of so far.

1. In the past I posted enough example code, which was pretty much
ignored, why should I think it would be any different this time?
2. Is hotplug that broken, that it wouldn't survive 2.6, so it required a
complete new implementation? If that should be case I herewith volunteer
to add module alias support to modutils.

bye, Roman

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