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SubjectRe: 2.5.59 won't boot, 2.5.58 will, how to I use bitkeeper to get 'in between' ?
Jurriaan <> wrote:
> Until now, all 2.5.59-based kernels (2.5.59 vanilla, 2.5.59 + vmlinux
> patch, 2.5.59-mm[1-8]) hang very early in the boot-process on my system,
> right after 'Uncompressing Linux...'
> I am willing to try which patch between 2.5.58 and 2.5.59 caused this,
> but I can't find out how to extract these patches. If I browse the
> linux-2.5 repository on the web-interface @ bitkeeper, I don't see a
> message 'And with this patch-set, we've reached 2.5.58 - any patches
> after this apply to 2.5.58 and will create 2.5.59 in due time'.
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/BK-usage/ seems to focus more on uploading
> patches. There is something on getting the diff between two kernel
> versions, but I need finer patches/revisions/changesets. I can see how
> to download the initial tree, but what do I do next?

I've been regularly snarfing the rollups from
for this very purpose.

Over at

You will find 15 patches, spread across the lifetime of the 2.5.58->2.5.59

If you can identify which of those patches introduced the failure...

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