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SubjectHPT370 hangs on partition check

CC: (not subscribed - on dialup)

I've got a HPT370 on a adaptec 1200a PCI card that I use as add-on raid
controller, which hangs the boot process during the 'partition check' in
case there is only one drive (set to cable select) and connected to the
secondary ide channel of the HPT370.

The system actually hangs on "ide2" which is the primary ide channel of
the HPT370, and is empty in my system, during the partition check, so
dmesg already displays all availble drives and channels in order.

Putting the drive to 'master' actually resolves the problem.

The fact that the ide system is probing ide2 for partitions while
there's no drives attached to it make me wonder if the ide system didn't
got told that there was no drive attached to it by the hpt driver. I can
only wonder about why the whole system hasn't got the problem when the
drive is set to 'master'.

ide0: hda: HD hdb:CDRW
ide1: unused, disabled in onboard mobo
ide2: unused
ide3: hdg: HD(cable select, therefore master) hdh:empty

Auke Kok
CC: (not subscribed - on dialup)

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