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SubjectRe: Broken SCSI code in the BK tree (was: 2.5.59-mm8)


> If I understand correctly, Matthew Jacob's latest isp driver set drives
> *all* qlogic hardware (or at least all the older stuff like the qlogicisp
> driver drives). I would much prefer that people simply test out Matthew's
> driver and use it instead. In fact, if it's ready for 2.5 kernel use, I
> would strongly recommend that it be considered as a possible replacement
> in the linux kernel for the default driver on all qlogic cards not handled
> by the new qla2x00 driver version 6 (DaveM may have objections to that
> related to sparc if Matthew's driver isn't sparc friendly, but I don't
> know of any other reason not to switch over).

I had a bunch of problems with the in kernel and vendor qlogic drivers
on my ppc64 box. Matt Jacob's driver worked out of the box. Davem
sounded positive last time I asked him about it.

I did a quick forward port to 2.5 a month or two ago, sounds like we
should work to get it in the kernel. There are some rough edges but
Mike kindly offered to lend a hand here.

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