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SubjectRe: 2.5.59 kernel bugs
>> Some fairly sickening stuff ... I'll log the following sections in bugzilla
>> If any brave volunteers for the others want to go ahead with the other
>> sections, and split the effort, would be much appreciated. Please mail
>> back to lkml that you're doing it ... and watch very carefully on newly
>> logged bugs for collisions ;-)
> 2.4-ac fixes applied for : (No name in the entry as I've not figured
> out who to credit yet)
> o Fix i2c_ack cris extra ";"
> o Fix JSIOCSBTNMAP extra ";"
> o Fix VIDIOCGTUNER on w9966
> o Fix amd8111e_read_regs
> o Fix smctr_load_node_addr
> o Fix sym53c8xxx extra ";"
> o Fix sym53c8xxx_2 extra ";"
> o Fix cs46xx download area clear
> o Fix hysdn bootup error handling
> o Fix mtd mount error checks
> o Fix dpt_i2o reset error paths
> o Fix a jffs error path handler
> o Fix es1371 error path on register
> o Fix sscape operator precedence
> o Fix copy counting in vrc5477 audio
> Once the next -ac appears those should all drop into 2.5 if someone
> wants to do the legwork

I'm happy to do whatever legwork is needed ... if you already have a
seperate patch you could send my way for this stuff, would make it
easier, if not, I'll go digging through your next release ...



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