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SubjectRe: possible partition corruption
Thomas Molina <> wrote:
> I have run into an apparent anomaly while compiling/testing 2.5.59-bk. My
> normal mode of operation is to do a daily bk pull to get the latest csets
> and do a compile/boot run. After yesterday's I started seeing problems on
> reboot. During the reboot I would get the OK booting the kernel followed
> by a system freeze. After a forced reboot into a stock RedHat 8.0 2.4
> kernel I would see the system misidentify my boot partiton as an ext2
> partition and the following messages would appear:

Everything you describe is consistent with a kernel which does not have ext3
compiled into it.

> EXT2-fs: ide0(3,8): couldn't mount because of unsupported optional feature
> (4).
> Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 08:08

That is an ext3 filesystem in the "needs journal recovery" state. ext2
cannot mount that until either fsck or the ext3 kernel driver has run

grep EXT3 .config ??

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