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Subject[PATCH] 2.4.20 still can't detect my SCSI disk
Hi Marcelo,

I had to find out why 2.4.19 did not work with one old EISA SCSI disk.
As it turned out, it's an identification problem only. I made a patch
which works for me, machine is a mail server and now
I have no problems with disks.

I sent the patch to Justin T. Gibbs, he said he will test it
and push to you.

As I see it is still not insluded in 2.4.20 (and visual inspection
of 2.4.21-pre3 patch shows it's not there either).

So I mail the patch to you and to Justin T. Gibbs.

Please include.

--- linux-2.4.20/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx/aic7770.c Fri Aug 2 22:39:44 2002
+++ Thu Oct 24 11:56:23 2002
@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@
#define ID_AHA_274x 0x04907771
#define ID_AHA_284xB 0x04907756 /* BIOS enabled */
#define ID_AHA_284x 0x04907757 /* BIOS disabled*/
+#define ID_AHA_7782 0x04907782

static int aha2840_load_seeprom(struct ahc_softc *ahc);
static ahc_device_setup_t ahc_aic7770_VL_setup;
@@ -83,7 +84,14 @@
"Adaptec aic7770 SCSI adapter",
- }
+ },
+ /* met this: */
+ {
+ ID_AHA_7782,
+ "Adaptec aic7782 SCSI adapter", /* Olivetti 2 channel EISA */
+ ahc_aic7770_EISA_setup
+ },
const int ahc_num_aic7770_devs = NUM_ELEMENTS(aic7770_ident_table);

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