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SubjectHow to read kernel routing tables?
HI ,
I am having Zebra routing utility running on Linux kernel 2.4.20.
As zebra is Updating the kernel routing tables.
I want to read those routing tables and create the tables
in some other memory.

My questions are

1. Linux is also having the Multiple routing tables. Does
zebra updating the same routing tables of Linux?
If yes than which Linux kernel tables are updated.

2 .where the Multiple Routing tables are implemented
in Linux Kernel for IPv4, means in which files.

3. In my program (which is some module) i want to read the
Kernel routing tables.
So how can i read those tables? Is there any standard
Linux API provided for the same.
Or what is the other way to read those table from memory ??

Waiting for reply.
Thanking you in Advance.

Mahesh Pujara

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