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SubjectRe: Compactflash cards dying?

> > I had compactflash from Apacer (256MB), and it started corrupting data
> > in few months, eventually becoming useless and being given back for
> > repair. They gave me another one and it is just starting to corrupt
> > data.
> >
> > First time I repartitioned it; now I only did mke2fs, and data
> > corruption can be seen by something as simple as
> >
> > cat /mnt/cf/mp3/* > /mnt/cf/delme; md5sum /mnt/cf/delme.
> >
> > [Fails 1 in 5 tries].
> That is very bad... I wonder if you do something that the CF does
> not like - like power off while writing (can actually destroy the
> disk - read in some newsgroup)

I don't think I did anything bad :-(. That "1 in 5 tries bad" was on
the running system, with no reboots, powerdowns, etc.

It is possible that zaurus went into powersave mode, but I've
certainly seen corruption without powersave, too.
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