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SubjectRe: cleanup of filesystems menu
On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

| On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
| > Here are my comments on the filesystem menu:
| >
| > That "FS_POSIX_ACL" line is very odd.
| > What can be done about/with it?
| beats me. i don't invent 'em, i just organize 'em.

In this case fs/Kconfig went from 1 entry of FS_POSIX_ACL to 2 of
them. And the original one didn't contain any text after "bool",
so it wasn't presented to the user as a config option.
I.e., it's a derived (generated) config option value.

So the one with 'bool "FS_POSIX_ACL"' should be removed IMO.
It's confusing, especially without any 'help' text, which isn't
needed when it's hidden.

| > Quota and Automounter: are they filesystems?
| > I know, you didn't change that.
| > Anyway, they are more like FS options or tools.
| again, i'm open to suggestions. since this was just
| a first attempt, i only moved stuff around within the
| same menu for now. i'm not sure where else these would
| go.

Yes, I would just leave this part as is for now and try go get
it merged based on feedback so far.

| > I would put the list under "Miscellaneous filesystems"
| > in alphabetical order.
| easy enough.
| > Did you modify "Network File Systems" or "Partition Types"?
| nope.

OK, that can be done separately (if at all).

| > Anyway, they are sort of in historical order and I would
| > put them in alpha order too unless there's some
| > compelling reason not to do that.
| also easy.


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