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SubjectRe: Monta Vista software license terms
So...could some kind soul with the source simply post it somewhere?
MontaVista doesn't have to provide it on their site. But they can't prevent
anyone with a copy from posting it. I've got some hardware from an old
project running hardhat linux and would like to upgrade.

They used to post it and it helped. I had a "frank exchange of views" with
the MontaVista marketing folks about their change in policy a while back.

Some questions about posting the source, though...
1. Can MontaVista add separate terms to their purchase agreement that
forbid/discourage/impede publishing the source?
2. What if MV mixes GPL and proprietary code in the directories to make
it difficult to post the GPL portion?


> > dj> I'm told that the preview kits do include kernel source,
> > dj> although I haven't checked for myself in a couple of months.
> >
> So that you got the binaries now could you check where their written offer
> is and post it to lkml? Afterwards anyone on this list could ask them
> for their source (and at least I want to).
> Btw, what do people think of a regular list where anyone who got such
> an offer can post it so anyone else can get source aswell?

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