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SubjectRe: Monta Vista software license terms

On 5 Feb 2003, Robert Love wrote:

> On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 12:18, Nilmoni Deb wrote:
> > U missed the point. This is not the case of "If you do not distribute
> > anything, you do not have to make available the source." because the
> > vendor is distributing the binaries and source to the customers just fine.
> > The issue is whether any 3rd party (who is not purchasing the binaries)
> > has the right to get the source too as per clause 3b of
> > . More specifically, is it true that
> > if u obey clause 3a, u don't have to follow clause 3b ?
> No, you are missing the point.

I am not going to argue about that. But the last sentence of my previous
email "is it true that if u obey clause 3a, u don't have to follow clause
3b ?" was the point I wanted to clarify which wasn't answered at that

> Clause 3 says "...provided that you also do one of the following"
> And 3(a) is done, as the source is included with the binary.
> Further, all of the source is available anyhow in various open source
> projects.
> Besides, 3(b) says one must accompany the binary with a written offer.
> How do you know that is not being done? It says nothing about source
> available on a website.

Source available on web was just an example. I just could not find a link
on the site which says something like "Apply/register to get source code
on cd/dvd/ftp/http/bla_bla media". Basically, 3b refers to 3rd party
(who is not getting/buying the binaries) and my question was about that.

> But 3(b) is not a requirement since 3(a) is
> met.

And u have answered my question now. Thanks for the clarification.

> Robert Love

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