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SubjectRe: Monta Vista software license terms
Just a quick clarification before this thing explodes in another "ten
thousan messages" thread.

>>>>> "np" == Nicolas Pitre <> writes:

np> On Wed, 5 Feb 2003 wrote:
>> >>>>> "rl" == Robert Love <> writes:
rl> Further, all of the source is available anyhow in various open
rl> source projects.
>> I failed to find any source for Montavista XIP implementation,
>> which they claim they have put on their "Consumer Electronics"
>> release.

np> Hey, it's one of my many duties to release this XIP code to
np> the community. In other words, Monta Vista do actually pay me
np> to give that source away.

That's wonderful (no kidding).

np> It's just not up to the cleanliness level I expect of
np> community source even if customers usually don't care, and I
np> didn't have time to clean it up yet. But if you really insist
np> I can give you a raw patch.

It would be quite interesting for me, sincerely. Feel free to send me
the patch if you can.

np> I find it quite saddening that a lot of people only care about
np> making up shit while the company in question is devoting a lot
np> of money in salary to hire kernel developers full time whose
np> work has always been merged to community trees so far.

As far as I'm concerned, I just wrote:

- that Montavista claims they implemented XIP as part of their
"Consumer Electronics Edition" package;

- that source code is included in Montavista preview kit, but that I
couldn't find any XIP reference in it;

- that probably XIP is a part of the CEE edition but *not* of the
preview kit, hence the lack of source code for that specific part in
the ISO I downloaded; incidentally, that also means that right now I'm
not entitled to have source code for Montavista XIP implementation
(and I stated that clearly);

I personally don't have anything against Montavista, and I think
they're doing a good work (I know that you have to balance between
distributing source code and having your old-minded customers run away
in fear). I still think that having an encrypted ISO image is pure
brain damage, because it doesn't buy Montavista anything as far as I
can tell and it just slows down casual observers - which, by the way,
are the kind of people Montavista is supposed to attract. :)

Let's straighten out this issue. Maybe a public development tree of
Montavista kernels, with a big red flag saying "don't use this on
production systems" would be enough.

Best regards,

Andrea Glorioso
Binary Only
Via A. Zanolini, 7/b Tel: +39-348.921.43.79
40126 Bologna Fax: +39-051-930.31.133
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