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Subjectdevfsd lockups (2.4.20)
(Cc please, I read via the archives)

I may have missed this in the archives, if so just ignore this.

2.4.20 UP experiences a lockup on any access to /dev. Not sure what
triggers it, I'll watch more carefully tomorrow night.

Symtoms are: every process trying to open/readdir /dev blocks on disk
forever. Processes already using devices continue to work. System
rapidly accumulates defunct processes, but ALT-SYSREQ-* works to

The only thing unusual about this system is that it's compiled for K6
and it's now running on a P2. If it's determined to be because of
the CPU upgrade, it probably is wanting a printk("WARNING! Incompatable
Processor detected!")

None of my other 2.4.20 boxes have this happen, but they also don't
handle quite the volume of mail this one does.

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