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SubjectRe: CPU throttling??
> Hmmm, it seems most of these apply to mobile processors.
> I'm using AMD 1.4 Athlon Thunderbird on a desktop, as you know my
> processor was the one before release low power AMD XP processors.
> It uses a savage amount of power, and operates well into 60 and 70
> degrees celcius.

Is that the temperature when it's halted, or when it's in use? I have
never observed the Duron 650 machine that's here get above 30 degrees
C, and the MMX-200 doesn't have a temperature sensor, but I'd estimate
that it never goes above 40.

> One other thing, apart from saving power on CPU and hard-disk (via
> hdparm) is there anything else I can look into ? something worthy
> though.

Well, monitor power saving will save power, but not make the case
temperature drop, which is what I assume you are trying to achieve.

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