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SubjectRE: CPU throttling??
On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 21:14, Grover, Andrew wrote:
> > From: Dave Jones []
> > wrote:
> >
> > > It's conceivable that a CPU halted at 1.2Gz takes less
> > power than one
> > > at 1.6Gz - anybody have any actual data on this?
> > Alternately phrased,
> > > does CPU throttling save power over and above what the halt does?
> >
> > Given that most decent implementations scale voltage as well as
> > frequency, yes, a lower speed will save more power.
> You save the most power when the CPU is at the lowest voltage level, and
> in the deepest CPU sleep state (aka CPU C state).
> Throttling offers a linear power/perf tradeoff if your system doesn't
> have C state support (or if you aren't using it) but really it is
> preferable to keep the CPU at its nominal speed, get the work done
> sooner, and start sleeping right away. The quote above makes it sound
> like the voltage is scaled when throttling, and that isn't accurate -
> voltage is scaled when sleeping (to counteract leakage current), at
> least on modern Intel mobile processors.
> Valdis, you may want to try compiling in ACPI and ACPI Processor support
> in 2.5.latest and see what happens to your battery life (if you haven't
> tried already). (A caveat - ACPI still doesn't work for everyone, but if
> it does, you should see a power savings.)
> Regards -- Andy

Hmmm, it seems most of these apply to mobile processors.
I'm using AMD 1.4 Athlon Thunderbird on a desktop, as you know my
processor was the one before release low power AMD XP processors.
It uses a savage amount of power, and operates well into 60 and 70
degrees celcius.

I'm not a big linux head, can someone through me an ACPI link, related
to this issue of CPU C state?

One other thing, apart from saving power on CPU and hard-disk (via
hdparm) is there anything else I can look into ? something worthy



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