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SubjectRe: [TEST FIX] Re: SSH Hangs in 2.5.59 and 2.5.55 but not 2.4.x,
On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 21:04, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> That is a problem with processes left running. I do not forward
> connections, I do not forward X, I do not (in normal practice) leave
> anything running. A typical thing to do is to go to each machine in a
> cluster and look for a user activity:
> grep "user" log/stats.readers
> exit
> nothing more. And every once in a while that hangs after executing the
> logout sequence. With the patch it hasn't to date.
> That doesn't mean it's a fix, I don't see it every day, I just haven't
> seen it in a few days since I put in the patch.

The ssh hang on exit "problem" is a policy of the ssh coders. It'll
happen when you have a background job still running when you exit, which
is still connected to the terminal.

As I said, it's an ssh policy issue (which many people disagree with)
and not a bug.


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