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SubjectProblems with bootimg (wish to be personally CC'ed the answers/comments posted to the list in response to this posting)

We are trying to use bootimg for dual boot:

# bootimg -f bzImage -n -i ram40.img.gz -v console=ttyS0,115200n8 ramdisk_size=131072 root=/dev/ram

bzImage "2.4.17_MVL21CGENOKIA_4-cpi1-lb-arun (abalasub@mvaserg011) #5 SMP Wed Nov 27 17:27:00 PST 2002"

1439613 bytes (352 pages) 0x4109cc08-0x411fcc07 -> 0x100000-0x25fff
16161140 bytes (3946 pages) 0x40131008-0x4109b007 -> 0x8668c-0xff068b
4096 bytes (1 page) 0x804b908-0x804c907 -> 0x90000-0x90fff

Total 4299 pages, start address is 0x100000

Loading Kernel Image vmlinuz
Running boot code at 0x03011000

SYSTEM STOPS PRINTING MESSAGES AND HANGS. Has anyone faced a similar problem before. Any Suggestions?



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