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SubjectRe: gcc 2.95 vs 3.21 performance
> I'd love to see a small - and fast - C compiler, and I'd be willing to
> make kernel changes to make it work with it.

I can't offer any immediate help with this but I want the same thing. At
some point, we're planning on funding some extensions into GCC or whatever
reasonable C compiler is around:

- associative arrays as a builtin type

assoc bar = {}; // anonymous, no file backing

bar{"some key"} = "some value";
if (defined(bar{"some other value"})) ...

- regular expressions

char *foo = "blech";

if (foo =~ /regex are nice/) {
printf("Well isn't that special?\n");

- tk bindings built in

and then we'll port BK to that compiler. It's likely to be GCC because we
want to support all the different architectures but if a kernel sponsered
cc shows up we'll happily throw money at that.
Larry McVoy lm at
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