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SubjectRe: [PATCH][2.5.59-bk]Sysfs interface for ZT5550 Redundant Host Controller
On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 02:33:15PM -0800, Rusty Lynch wrote:
> Last week I finally got access to a decent (but old) technical specification
> for the ZT5550 redundant host controller. The document was published for
> the ZT5550C, but I am hoping that newer versions of the RHC just add more
> functionality to all the documented reserved bits in the document I am looking
> at.
> The following patch adds a sysfs interface to most of the bits accessible
> via the indirect register (through the HCINDEX and HCDATA addresses in the
> Command and Status Register (CSR). The only bits I did not add access to
> were the ones that are cleared by reading. There are a lot of bits to get
> access to, which makes this patch a little bigger then I first expected,
> so I created a new config option so only people who actually want to mess
> with the RHC would pay for it.
> Enabling this code will cause a new directory called zt5550_rhc to be
> created in the root of sysfs, with the following tree:

Ick, don't place directories in the root of sysfs, unless you want Pat
to come after you with a big stick.

What's wrong with putting this directory either under the pci device
that is the zt5550 (if it is a pci device), or at the least, under the
devices/ directory.

Other than that, I like your macro abuse :)


greg k-h
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