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SubjectRe: Help with promise sx6000 card
On Tue, 2003-02-04 at 20:39, Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
> 1) Make sure the card BIOS is enabled.
> 2) In the BIOS of the card, set it to "Other OS', not Linux

Both should work. "Other OS" changes how the promise cards I have map
the IDE controllers and whether the I2O asks the OS for space or not.
Does your BIOS also change the PCI class or pci idents ?

> 3) Disable support for Promise cards in Linux

Shouldnt be needed now days

> 4) Enable I2O and I2O block devices

Use 2.4.19 or later. The promise stuff freaks if you do clever cache
hints and older kernels don't know about that

> 6) With luck, it'll work. Anyway, SX6000's are DAMN SLOW.

7) Sell the promise card to someone who doesnt know better and buy
a 3ware. Certainly under Linux the 3ware is way faster

> Now to get a SX4000 working, that's a much more interesting task ...

SX4000 is i2o or something stranger ?

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