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SubjectRe: Compactflash cards dying?

> > Well, if their translation layer at least *worked*, I'd be happy with
> > it.
> Would you? You fill up your FAT or EXT2 file system, then delete all
> your files. There are lots and lots of sectors with now-unused data.
> Then start filling it up again.
> To accommodate your writes, the underlying translation layer is busily
> garbage-collecting all those blocks which are _unused_, copying them
> from one part of the flash to another to collect 'fresh' copies of data
> together while reclaiming space from 'obsoleted' copies of changed
> sectors.
> Or you manage to find a vendor who sells reliable cards, hence decide
> it's actually usable for real medium-term storage and start using
> EXT3

Well, I've got old 20-mb PCMCIA, and that worked for me for >2
years. Now I've apacer 256MB CF, and it died within a *month*. I
returned it and the "new" one died within *week*. Ouch.

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