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SubjectRe: Compactflash cards dying?
[snip discussion about Compact Flash cards]

On a somewhat-related subject, is there currently an easy way to use a
PROM as a read-only filesystem?

I.E. I'd like to write a raw filesystem image to an PROM using a PROM
burner then connect that, probably to the parallel port, and use it as
a block device.

It should be fairly simple to build the parallel port -> PROM adaptor,
as it would essentially just be a ZIF socket, and a whole load of
latches to multiplex the limited number of I/O lines to the 32 or so
needed for address and data, and the driver should be straightforward
to write as well.

Or is there a reason why this hasn't been done? PROMs are much
cheaper than Compact Flash...

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