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Subject[PATCH][0/6] CPU Hotplug update + fixes
These patches are in no way an attempt to push this for inclusion,
but instead a bit of grunt work to keep it current. However i would
very much so like see it included in mainline.

- sync against 2.5.59
- add additional cpu_online check in i386 cpu_up to differentiate
between boot and runtime offlined/onlined cpus.
- fix cpu online show/store oops due to changes in struct device_attribute
- added CPU_DEAD case for mm/slab.c to fix memory leak (double allocation) and
added stop_cpu_timer()
- added CPU_DEAD case for RCU, here we clear the cpu's rcu_data and kill its
tasklet. Added rcu_offline_cpu()
- added CPU_DEAD case for fs/buffer.c (suggestion from Andrew Morton, bugs
from me)

Tested on a 4way i386 with cpu offline, online whilst doing make -j4
bzImage. It is possible to induce what appear to be deadlocks but i am
working through those as i go along. Rusty is there anything i can do to
get this merged with what you currently have?


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