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SubjectRe: any compressed filesystem suggestion ?
Nicolas Turro wrote:
>Hi, we plan to build an NFS archive of old unix close accounts, and we
>looking for a compressed filesystem since size is more important than
>speed for us. Our requirements are :
>1- this fs must run on hardware raid (DAC960 Mylex AcceleRAID)
>2- the archives files will be read-only for users, but we
>must be able to add files to the archives...
>Any recomendations ?

>squashfs doesn't qualify because of 2 ...


Append capability is the thing I'm currently adding to Squashfs. Once
finished, you'll be able to add new files/directories to the top level
directory of a previously created filesystem. As the mksquashfs program
performs duplicate file checking against the files in the filesystem as
well as the files being added, this means it will also work as a kind of
incremental archiving filesystem.

An initial release should be ready in a week (or two depending on free


>what about e2compress ?
>I've heard about block layer compression... is it applicable for us ?
>Thanks for your advice...
>N. Turro

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