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SubjectRe: Kernel Threads question on 2.4
On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 19:52, wrote:

These questions might be better asked on the kernelnewbies list...

> Do kernel threads get preempted? Or do they have to
> give up the CPU on their own?

Without the preemptive kernel, they are not preemptive. With
preempt-kernel, they are. They tend to run at elevated priorities
anyhow, so this is not so much of an issue.

> Are there any rules for what scheduling policies and
> priority a kernel thread can have?
> reparent_to_init()sets the scheduling policy to
> SCHED_OTHER. Do you see a problem with changing the
> scheduling policy to SCHED_FIFO?

kernel threads can have any scheduling policy or priority - they really
do not differ much from regular threads (sans the lack of address

Some kernel threads do indeed run with real-time policy.

Robert Love

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