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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.4.20 panic in scheduler
* John Goerzen ( wrote:
> Today I experienced a kernel panic running kernel 2.4.20 (plus the ctx
> vserver patch; otherwise vanilla) with a bcm5700 module added in. It's

Have you tried this without the vserver patch? Last I looked it touched
many of the code paths in your trace below. Also, if possible, set up a
serial console, it'll be a lot easier to catch the full trace.

> Adhoc c01093ef <system_call+33/38>
> Adhoc c011a201 <schedule+501/530>

vserver touches this code

> Adhoc c01208c8 <release_task+e8/110>

vserver touches this code

> Adhoc c01218dc <sys_wait4+39c/410>
> Adhoc c01218de <sys_wait4+39e/410>
> Adhoc c012b419 <sys_release_ip_info+29/60>

this is vserver code which could be called from either release_task() or
inet_sock_destruct() (both are in this trace).

you get the idea...
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