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SubjectRe: IOAPIC on Via KT266a writes:
> I have a UP system with Via kt266a chipset. When I enable APIC in
> the BIOS and in Linux, the system boots mostly normally, but I get
> a fairly constant stream of
> APIC error on CPU0: 02(02)
> with a smattering of other numeric codes from time to time. Most
> things still work, but there are a number of oddities and instabilities,
> most notably my integrated uhci USB controllers give usb bulk-msg
> timeouts on every device.

02 is "Receive Checksum Error", and it's explained both in apic.c
and in Intel's IA32 Volume 3 manual.

This is almost certainly a hardware problem: your machine's APIC bus
is corrupting messages, or some other agent than the CPU is creating
corrupt messages. This isn't exactly unheard of for non-Intel chipsets.

Disable IO_APIC support and you should be fine. If you still get these
errors, you'll have to either live with them or disable UP local APIC
support as well.

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