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SubjectRe: RAID SCSI binding
On Friday February 28, wrote:
> Linux 2.4.20 (but not unique to this kernel -- been this way for over a year):
> I have a RAID5 array that doesn't startup properly during boot (I have to stop it and restart after the system is up). I've had
> this problem forever and have been trying to fix it.
> Here's what it looks like when it's up and running:
> md4 : active raid5 sdn1[0] sdt1[6] sds1[5] sdr1[4] sdq1[3] sdp1[2] sdo1[1]
> 216490752 blocks level 5, 128k chunk, algorithm 0 [7/7] [UUUUUUU]
> The partitions types are set to 0x83 and the array is being manually
> started in rc.local instead of doing auto-start.

What tool are you using to start the array? raidstart or mdadm?
There doesn't seem to be enough noise in the logs for it to be
raidstart (no "md: autorun ...") so I assume mdadm.

What do you get if you add "-v" to the mdadm running from rc.local?
Can you show me
mdadm -E /dev/sda1 /dev/sdo1


> So it looks to me like the md driver doesn't like the raid system crossing the major device boundary for some odd reason.
> Although I'm not sure why I can stop and restart after the system is totally up but not start it in rc.local using the same
> commands:

I suspect this is just a co-incidence. I cannot imagine how the major
device number could affect things at all.

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