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SubjectRE: ACPI request/release generic address
> From: Jeff Garzik [] 
> Can you define a generic address?
> IIRC, ACPI needs some work in this area.
> If the "generic address" is host RAM, that's easy.
> If the generic address is PIO address, that's mostly easy.
> If the generic address is MMIO address, that takes a bit of care with
> mapping, and I'm not sure ACPI gets it right in these cases.

The Generic Address Structure (GAS) is basically a 64 bit address and a
type field. The type can be:

System memory
System IO
PCI Config space
Embedded Controller
Functional fixed hardware

I don't think this will very easily handle a clean request/release API.
Corey, what is the specific table you are concerned with? At least with
the GASes ACPI uses internally, they point to resource regions already
marked as used via other means (e820 or _CRS, for example.)

Regards -- Andy
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