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SubjectKernel 2.5 input layer info?
Hi Guys,

I have heard about the new 2.5 input layer work that is being done in the
kernel, and I am interested in using this for a userland mouse/keyboard
daemon I am looking at building. The intention of the daemon is to
provide a common interface for event driven mouse and keyboard
applications (ie: XFree86, Qt/E, SDL, MGL, SVGALib etc) on Linux. Since
it appears that a lot of work is already being done on a new set of event
driven input layers in the kernel, what I would like to do is build this
daemon such that it will use the new 2.5 kernel interfaces when they are
available, but fall back on the old compatible methods when not.
Essentially I am planning on taking the existing XFree86 code and using
it to make a common user land input daemon.

Anyway, let me know if you think this is a good idea, bad idea or if
there is a better way to do it. The new input interfaces sound like a
great idea, but we are looking for something that will work on as many
versions of Linux as possible.

Finally where can I find more information on the new input interfaces in
the 2.5 kernel? I just downloaded the latest 2.5.63 release and will take
a look at it, but if there are any external docs on this I would like to
peruse them first.


Kendall Bennett
Chief Executive Officer
SciTech Software, Inc.
Phone: (530) 894 8400

~ SciTech SNAP - The future of device driver technology! ~

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