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SubjectRe: 2.5.63 BUG in deadline-iosched.c
Andrew Morton wrote:

>Janet Morgan <> wrote:
>>I got this on 2.5.63 while running the "find" command:
>>kernel BUG at drivers/block/deadline-iosched.c:145!
>>invalid operand: 0000
>>CPU: 3
>>EIP: 0060:[<c026f8a1>] Not tainted
>>EFLAGS: 00010046
>>EIP is at deadline_find_drq_hash+0x41/0xb0
>>eax: f76fe060 ebx: f76fe058 ecx: f76fe060 edx: 00000000
>>esi: f76fe060 edi: f76fe044 ebp: f76fe050 esp: f7e27c88
>>ds: 007b es: 007b ss: 0068
>>Process pdflush (pid: 16, threadinfo=f7e26000 task=c3b39300)
>>Stack: 010d7ce6 00000000 f7fd2ae0 f7fd2ae0 f7fd2ae0 f7747f80 c026fbc9
>> 010d7ce6 00000000 f7747f80 00000000 f7759000 f7759000 00000008
>> f7759000 f7e27cf8 f7fd2ae0 c026cc58 f7759000 f7e27cf8 f7fd2ae0
>>Call Trace:
>> [<c026fbc9>] deadline_merge+0x49/0x120
>> [<c026a438>] elv_merge+0x18/0x30
>> [<c026cc58>] __make_request+0xb8/0x440
>Nick, could this be caused by a stale next_drq[] entry?
Yes, it could be.

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