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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.63 Nasssty little hobbitsses making ssso many sspelling misstakesses!
On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 06:28, Horst von Brand wrote:
> Steven Cole <> said:
> > This patch fixes:
> >
> > [Many typoes all over the place]
> I have't followed this much, but there are some lessons from the comments
> on this (and previous patches):
> - "isn't" (and such) get better changed to "is not", as 's give grief (at
> least in .S files)
That problem is understood and is why my patch which changed "its" to
"it's" used "it is" in the two files where that was an issue. One was
a .c file with in-line assembly.
> - I wouldn't bother too much on broken editors that don't understand 's in
> comments or strings
> - It would be better for you to tackle _all_ typoes in one area, get them
Better for some.
> fixed by the maintainer, then move on. Patches that change lines under
> the maintainers/other patches aren't wellcome, as they break the patches
> (and if they don't fix the code, people _will_ bitch at whoever
> integrates them)
I can certainly back off on these fixes or do it the way you suggest if
it's causing people any grief. Your request is the second in this area
and being an impediment to progress is the opposite of my intention.
> Yes, I know this is a lot of work. But as it stands, it is a lot of
> _wasted_ work if the patches aren't being integrated.
> Thanks!
If "the patches" in the above are my patches, then that's my problem.
If "the patches" in the above are yours and others patches, then the
problem is more generic. These typo fixes have a fairly low intrinsic
value, but the issue you raise is important.

I've seen several instances where real fixes have gotten integrated,
only to be inadvertently backed out by a subsequent unrelated patch to
the same file from another maintainer who had not recently resynced his
tree with Linus. A generic solution to that problem would have
considerable value. If we all used Bitkeeper, maybe we wouldn't have
these prob...(just kidding about BK, no flames please).


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