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Subjectpointer to .subsection and .previous usage in kernel?
Anyone have a pointer to what we are really trying to accomplish
with .subsection and .previous in the in-line and asm stuff?

Like maybe a readme or coding style doc for in-line and asm code?

That was the main thing I tripped over while trying to build
a 2.5 kernel using the cygwin toolchain with an eye towards
uml under windows. I found very little documentation about
the directives themselves even in the gnu info stuff and nada,
except one thread about abstracting them in spinlocks,
bout how/why they are used in the kernel. They appear to be
elf specific which is why the i386pe stuff puked on them. I
assume that most of this is to maximize cache hits, but that's
just a guess. There are a largish handful of them scattered
around the kernel outside of locks. Any pointers would be appreciated.

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