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SubjectRe: DTE 3181e
On Wed, 26 Feb 2003, Pablo B wrote:

> I am trying to use an ancient DTC 3181e SCSI card with
> the 2.4.20 kernel. However, whenever I load the
> g_NCR5380 module with a SCSI device on, it inmediately
> freezes the computer hard. The system gets completely
> hung, needs a hard reset to restart (no Alt-SysRq
> magic keys available).
> I've been looking for information on the Net, but I
> could not find anybody with similar problems.
> Does anyone have current information about this
> card/driver combination? Or whom I could reach to ask
> questions about the driver?

If I recall correctly (I sold my DTC-3181E), you need to use the
sym53c400 driver with dtc3181e= option (check the sym53c400 code or
README in drivers/scsi/ for the exact syntax), not the g_NCR5380 driver.

It used to work for me, but I don't recall which kernel version, likely
2.2.18 or something.

Better get a real adaptor if you have a spare PCI slot though... the
DTC-3181E doesn't do DMA as far as I know and will hardly exploit the
Fast-SCSI bandwidth to the full extent: ISA is the bottle's neck.

Matthias Andree
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