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SubjectLinux 2.4.21-pre5

So here goes -pre5.

Summary of changes from v2.4.21-pre4 to v2.4.21-pre5

o rivafb 0.9.4 update

o ia64: fix typo in ia32_support.c

o USB: USB-MIDI support for Roland SC8820

o ia64: ia32 emulation layer bug fix

o [netdrvr ns83820] big endian fixes

o Fix a bug in the workaround for closed P2P bridge IO windows which could actually break bridges that didn't need fixing
o Export atomic_{clear,set}_mask for modules
o Request Open Firmware to open all "display" devices instead limiting us to the first one. This helps getting all cards properly POSTed
o Prevent the stack from growing on reads. This works around a problem with the mount syscall calling copy_mount_options() which can trigger a fault via copy_from_user() between the last core VMA and the stack.
o Properly fixup the Winbond W83C553 IDE on Longtrail and BriQ's so the controller is switched to fully native mode and interrupts are configured properly
o Fix serial table for BriQ hardware (different base clock) and make sure it works with CONFIG_VT
o Fix a warning
o Make sure xmon doesn't try to tap a hash table when none exist
o Add asm byteswapped 64 bits accessors
o Rework inline syscall macros, fix clobbers & gcc3.3 (From Franz Sirl)
o Remove old gross hack that did nothing good

o Remove kdb from PowerPC-64
o ppc64 updates to 2.4.21-pre4

o ia64: Add local_irq_set() and save_and_sti()
o ia64: Use IA64_PSR_I rather than (1UL << 14)
o ia64: Reverse SGI scatterlist changes so SGI update will apply
o ia64: Simple ndelay implementation
o ia64: Add some default configs
o ia64: whitespace fixes
o ia64: add infrastructure for multiple IO port spaces
o ia64: add support for MMIO and IO port spaces from ACPI _CRS
o ia64: add iomem_resource and ioport_resource allocation
o ia64: update defconfigs
o Rename configs

o spelling fix for drivers_usb_usbnet.c

o USB: small uhci bug

o The initial release of the driver for the 3Com 3cr990 family

o ia64: For ia32 emulation, do not turn on O_LARGEFILE automatically
o ia64: Don't risk running past the end of the unwind-table. Based on a patch by Suresh Siddha.

o ia64: Fix ia64_fls() so it works for all possible 64-bit values

o ia64: new perfmon patch for 2.4.20
o ia64: perfmon update

o radio-cadet compile fix

o USB scanner.c: Adjust syslog output

o VLAN support, 64-bit support, bugfixes

o MAINTAINERS update for 2.4 SN support

o Fix undefined references for smp + apm

o ia64: Update SGI SN files

o [tokenring smctr] fix MAC address input
o [tokenring madgemc] fix memory leak, add proper refcounting

o [atm nicstar] fix incorrect traffic class assumption

o Speedup 'make dep'

o [netdrvr pcnet32] fix multicast on big endian

o Handle scsi_register() failure

o USB: FTDI driver, new id added

o PPC64 update

o mmap.c corner case fix

o [SPARC64]: Avoid use of -e option with echo

o sonypi and input subsystem integration
o CREDITS update
o use correct gcc flags when compiling for
o sonypi driver update
o make mousedev accept the jogdial
o meye suspend/resume capabilities

Adrian Bunk <>:
o fix compile error with two IrDA drivers

Alan Cox <>:
o ACPI apparently wasnt bios
o fix wrong date in microcode comment
o add another legitimate P4 type
o must disallow write combine on 450NX
o add framework for ndelay (nanoseconds)
o first block of parisc resend
o second block of parisc merge
o third block of parisc merge
o Ian Nelson moved
o update videobook docs to avoid check_region
o docs for IPMI
o remove dead init call
o add AMD hammer rng
o IPMI driver updates
o keyboard changes
o fix wrong test in raw driver
o fix paths for ide
o clarify hpt37x config
o fix more ide paths
o Paul's fix to do ide_cs handling in task context
o more ide paths
o fix use of check_region in umc driver
o more ide comment/doc info updates
o promise printk cleanups
o another wrong path
o IDE printk/cleanup bits
o fix serverworks paths/docs
o clean up the siimage driver
o update sis driver comments/docs/notes
o update PIIX driver to know about more errata
o fix winbond driver for new ide
o more ide doc/comment updates
o fix ppc ide paths
o Ide raid updates
o fix sbp2 compile failure
o fix unsafe signed wrap check in pcilynx
o use kbd_refresh_leds to keep USB/base keyboad lights right
o clean up radio-cadet locking
o use skb_padto to fix 3c527 padding
o fix typo in 3c523 fixups
o fix ethernet padding on 82596
o fix ethernet padding on ariadne
o fix ethernet padding on a2065
o fix ethernet padding on atarilance
o fix ethernet padding on am79c961a
o fix ethernet padding on bagetlance
o fix ethernet padding on declance
o fix padding on depca
o fix padding on eepro driver
o fix padding on eexpress driver
o fix ethernet padding on fmv18x
o fix e2100 crash
o fix ethernet padding on eth16i
o fix ethernet padding on lasi
o fix padding on epic100 driver
o fix ethernet padding on lp486e
o fix ethernet padding on lancr
o fix padding on fmvj18x_cs
o fix ethernet padding on hp100
o fix ethernet padding on pcmcia/ray_cs
o fix ethernet padding on xircom
o fix ethernet padding on r8169
o fix ethernet padding on seeq8005
o fix padding on smc9194
o fix padding on via_rhine
o fix padding on yellowfin
o fix padding on znet
o fix padding on wavelan
o update pci.ids for syskonnect
o add 450NX streaming quirk, add via northbridge detect
o fix dpt_i2o out of memory check
o fix eata_generic jiffies check
o document an ICH errata we have to deal with
o fix sb_mixer handling
o dont fail on 5451 reset
o ide.h changes
o add prototypes for kbdrefresh_leds
o add skb_padto operation
o fix ipc/msg race by dropping optimisation out
o add skb_pad operation
o copy OUTBSYNC operation too
o fix the ide irq masking bug Ross found
o fix confusing extra DMA off messages
o add but dont yet use ide_execute_comman
o sk98 driver vendor update

Alan Stern <>:
o USB: Patches for the ECONNRESET error (2.4)

Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
o [TCP]: Do not forget data copy while collapsing retransmission queue

Andi Kleen <>:
o [IPV4]: Better behavior for NETDEV_CHANGENAME requests
o x86-64 update
o Workaround for AMD 8131 bug
o Fix get_vm_area

Andrea Arcangeli <>:
o xdr nfs highmem deadlock fix

Andrew Morton <>:
o ia32 syscall compatibility stubs

Andrey Panin <>:
o [netdrvr eepro100] add config option for PIO register read/write

Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>:
o PPC32: Implement workarounds for errata on recent G3 and G4 cpus

Bjorn Helgaas <>:
o ia64: Delete all SGI SN defconfig files
o ia64: Dont execute srlz.d needlessly (reported by Chris Ruemmler)
o ia64: smp_threads_ready: make non-volatile
o don't swapon mounted devices
o ia64: Use has_8259 rather than initdata
o ia64: Really remove ACPI SPCR parsing
o Cset exclude:[helgaas]|ChangeSet|20030103231109|26349
o ia64: fix perfmon typo (PFM_CPU_SYST_WIDE should be PFM_CPUINFO_SYST_WIDE)

Christoph Hellwig <>:
o handle too large vmallocs gracefully

Dave Jones <>:
o [netdrvr sunqe] remove incorrect kfree()

Dave Kleikamp <>:
o JFS: replace ugly JFS debug macros with simpler ones
o JFS: Minor update in Documentation/filesystems/jfs.txt
o JFS: implement get_index_page to replace some uses of read_index_page
o JFS: Add debug code to help catch elusive bug
o JFS: simplify jfs_err() to avoid parsing bug in gcc-2.95
o JFS: Fix jfs_sync_fs

David Brownell <>:
o USB: ehci-hcd, more hangs gone

David Gibson <>:
o PPC32: Add work-around for erratum #77 on IBM 405 processors
o Update orinoco driver to 0.13b

David S. Miller <>:
o [TG3]: Let chip do pseudo-header csum on rx
o [TG3]: Add device IDs for 5704S/5702a3/5703a3
o [TG3]: Prevent dropped frames when flow-control is enabled
o [TG3]: Correct MIN_DMA and ONE_DMA settings in dma_rwctrl
o [TG3]: Workaround 5701 back-to-back register write bug
o [TG3]: Add workaround for third-party phy issues
o [TG3]: Remove anal grc_misc_cfg board IDs check
o [TG3]: Fix typos in previous changes
o [TCP]: In tcp_check_req, handle ACKless packets properly
o [SPARC]: Add ndelay
o [SPARC]: Add ndelay ksyms export

David Woodhouse <>:
o Export skb_pad() in 2.4.21-pre4

Gerd Knorr <>:
o bttv documentation update
o tuner module update
o video4linux i2c modules update
o bttv update

Gerd Knorr <>:
o bttv config fix

Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
o USB: hid blacklist update
o USB: more hid blacklist items
o USB: added tripp device id's to pl2303 driver

Ivan Kokshaysky <>:
o alpha dma fix
o alpha update

Jay Vosburgh <>:
o [netdrvr 3c59x] move netif_carrier_off() call outside vortex_debug test

Jeff Garzik <>:
o arch/i386/Makefile: fix Via C3 build flags with gcc 3.<recent>

Jeff Garzik <>:
o [netdrvr tg3] bump version, tidy comments
o [netdrvr amd8111e] remove stray ';', fixing register dump [#311]
o [netdrvr tg3] DMA MRM bit only exists on 5700, 5701
o [netdrvr fc/iphase] correct PCI probe loop-end test logic [#323]
o [tokenring smctr] remove stray ';' that prevented a loop from working [#312]
o [ARM] CREDITS, MAINTAINERS, Documentation/arm/* updates
o [ARM] misc janitorial cleanups for arch/arm/kernel
o [ARM] misc janitorial cleanups for arch/arm/mach*, arch/arm/mm
o [ARM] misc janitorial cleanups for include/asm-arm
o [netdrvr 8390] if ARM, only redefine EI_SHIFT, not I/O macros
o [netdrvr] add new ARM net drivers cirrus, ether00
o [netdrvr bmac] Remove unneeded memset()
o [netdrvr 8139too] add some boards to the list of tested boards
o [netdrvr tg3] disable 5701 h/w bug workaround during core clock reset
o [netdrvr tg3] fix NAPI deadlock
o [netdrvr tg3] bump version to 1.4c / Feb 18
o [netdrvr tg3] properly synchronize with TX, in tg3_netif_stop
o [netdrvr tg3] fix TX race in previous code, and another buglet
o [netdrvr] Update Doc/networking/netdevices.txt with more locking rules

Jens Axboe <>:
o Remove unused node from ide-probe.c
o Andrea's elevator backmerge patch]

Johannes Erdfelt <>:
o usb_get_driver_np() gives wrong driver name (usb_mouse)
o USB: OHCI trivial remove unused field
o USB: 2.4 OHCI trivial comment cleanup

John Stultz <>:
o Fix target_cpus()

Kurt Garloff <>:
o Handle SCSI recovered errors

Maksim Krasnyanskiy <>:
o [Bluetooth] Add support for vendor specific commands

Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@freak.distro.conectiva>:
o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030224224251|29662
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre5
o Define kmap_nonblock() for non highmem

Mark A. Greer <>:
o PPC32: Fix our L2 / L3 cache updates for the bootloader

Martin Devera <>:
o [NET_SCHED]: HTB scheduler updates from Devik

Martin Schwidefsky <>:
o s390 base architecture update
o xpram driver fix for 64-bit
o s390 idals.h update

Matthew Wilcox <>:
o [wireless airo] call pci_enable_device, pci_set_master where needed

Olaf Hering <>:
o ide_fix_driveid unresolved in usb-storage

Oleg Drokin <>:
o reiserfs: Fix DIRECT IO interference with tail packing

Oliver Neukum <>:
o USB: 2.4 ehci uses SLAB_KERNEL in interrupt
o USB: kaweth length calculation fix
o USB: new device id for kaweth

Paul Mackerras <>:
o PPC32: Fix the clone syscall, and make exec clear fp and vr registers
o PPC32: Clean up exception and oops handling
o PPC32: Tighten up the stack expansion code
o PPC32: Fix handling of alignment traps on some PPC processors
o PPC32: Actually use the FP exception mode requested with prctl()
o PPC32: use the standard __stringify instead of a local version
o PPC32: Further fixes for the stack expansion code
o PPC32: add ndelay(), update udelay() to be more accurate and robust
o PPC32: Minor cleanups in the CHRP platform code
o PPC32: Allow for RAM not starting at 0, for APUS (and potentially others)
o PPC32: PReP platform fixes from Hollis Blanchard, Tom Rini, Leigh Brown and others
o PPC32: Fixes for byte-swapping macros, from Franz Sirl
o PPC32: PCI fixes. We can now restrict I/O windows to 16MB or so because this code lets us move the I/O windows of PCI-PCI bridges if necessary.
o PPC32: Fix copy_from_user to copy as much as possible even when it gets a fault
o PPC32: Provide a default implementation of ide_init_hwif_ports in asm-ppc/ide.h and use it if there is no platform-specific version.
o PPC32: fix compilation error in arch/ppc/platforms/pmac_setup.c
o PPC32: Move some variable declarations related to the MMU hash table to <asm/mmu.h>

Pete Zaitcev <>:
o [SPARC32]: Backport fixes from 2.5.x

Petko Manolov <>:
o USB: pegasus update (2.4)

Roger Luethi <>:
o [netdrvr via-rhine] trivial bits
o [netdrvr via-rhine] fix broken tx-underrun handling
o [netdrvr via-rhine] various duplex-related fixes
o [netdrvr via-rhine] reset function rewrite
o [netdrvr via-rhine] bump version, use constant instead of magic number

Rusty Russell <>:
o namespace pollution in procfs
o arch_ia64_sn_io_sn1_pcibr.c, typo: the the
o misc register audit fix on qtronix
o duplicate header in drivers_bluetooth_hci_h4.c
o write with buffer>2GB returns broken errno
o misc register audit fix on ppc64's nvram.c
o USB: Clean up some USB macros
o available spell fixes
o correct description of Griffin Powermate
o namespace pollution in eth bridge driver
o drivers_net_wan_sdla_x25.c, typo: the the
o es1372.c doesn't free resources correctly
o Typos in drivers_s390_net_iucv.c
o i2c ID addition
o NCR5380 unbalanced curly brace
o Fix floppy.h's CROSS_64KB()

Scott Feldman <>:
o [netdrvr e100] math fixes and a cleanup

Stephen C. Tweedie <>:
o Fix signed use of i_blocks in ext3 truncate

Tom Rini <>:
o PPC32: Change the MPC8xx IRQ code so that things are arranged like other systems.
o PPC32: Enable PCMCIA and a tested wifi card on some MPC8xx targets
o PPC32: Change the MontaVista copyright / GPL boilerplate to a condensed version.
o PPC32: Fix an oops on hardware without an RTC in timer_interrupt()
o PPC32: Fix building of the IBM Spruce platform and !CONFIG_SERIAL
o PPC32: Fix some gcc-3.x warnings on the IBM Spruce
o PPC32: Cleanup the boot code to better deal with no console
o PPC32: Minor KGDB warning fixes
o PPC32: Add CONFIG_KGDB_CONSOLE to MPC 8xx systems
o PPC32: MPC8xx KGDB fixes, from Dan Malek
o PPC32: Add KGDB support for the IBM Spruce platform
o PPC32: Ask about CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT in the 'Kernel hacking' menu
o PPC32: Put reading of PReP/PPCBUG nvram into CONFIG_PPCBUG_NVRAM
o PPC32: Add support for the Motorola LoPEC platform
o PPC32: Remove the 'BK Id' tags from files
o PPC32: Fix SysRq on IBM Spruce

Trond Myklebust <>:
o Fix XID allocation race in 2.4.21-pre4

Wolfgang Muees <>:
o USB: updated Auerswald driver

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