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Subject2.5.63-mm1, results of tar test with various elevators and file systems.
Greetings all,

I ran the following script on 2.5.63-mm1 with different
elevator options and on several different journaling file systems.

for i in 1 2 3 4 5
time rm -rf linux-2.5.63
time tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz
time sync
echo ' '

The following data is from the 5th run in each case.

It looks like reiserfs likes the cfq elevator while xfs does not
for this particular test. Sorry, not enough time for a more thorough


2.5.63-mm1 elevator=as

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.04user 1.76system 0:01.86elapsed 96%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.82user 5.55system 0:14.38elapsed 72%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.01system 0:01.42elapsed 1%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.14user 3.31system 0:06.55elapsed 52%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.89user 8.16system 0:15.86elapsed 82%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.36system 0:01.24elapsed 29%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.03user 0.56system 0:00.75elapsed 79%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.77user 4.33system 0:18.36elapsed 49%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.20system 0:12.80elapsed 1%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.07user 2.53system 0:07.14elapsed 36%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.97user 6.15system 0:35.64elapsed 31%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.02system 0:03.39elapsed 0%CPU

2.5.63-mm1 elevator=cfq

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.04user 1.75system 0:01.87elapsed 96%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.85user 5.55system 0:12.77elapsed 81%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.17system 0:02.53elapsed 6%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.15user 3.25system 0:06.48elapsed 52%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.92user 8.27system 0:14.27elapsed 92%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.37system 0:01.21elapsed 30%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.02user 0.56system 0:00.73elapsed 80%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.71user 4.25system 0:19.80elapsed 45%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.16system 0:15.78elapsed 1%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.07user 2.56system 0:07.33elapsed 35%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 5.06user 6.77system 0:44.77elapsed 26%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.12system 0:03.72elapsed 3%CPU

2.5.63-mm1 elevator=deadline

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.04user 1.77system 0:01.86elapsed 97%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.97user 5.79system 0:13.18elapsed 81%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.09system 0:02.29elapsed 4%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.15user 3.32system 0:06.70elapsed 51%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.83user 8.09system 0:15.54elapsed 83%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.36system 0:01.18elapsed 30%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.03user 0.59system 0:00.77elapsed 80%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 4.77user 4.61system 0:19.84elapsed 47%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.19system 0:14.55elapsed 1%CPU

rm -rf linux-2.5.63 0.06user 2.46system 0:07.36elapsed 34%CPU
tar zxf linux-2.5.63.tar.gz 5.05user 6.50system 0:36.68elapsed 31%CPU
sync 0.00user 0.01system 0:03.23elapsed 0%CPU

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