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Subject[OT] man-pages 1.56 released
Just released man-pages 1.56 with
The man pages

fgetxattr.2 flistxattr.2 fremovexattr.2 fsetxattr.2
getxattr.2 get_thread_area.2 io_cancel.2 io_destroy.2
io_getevents.2 io_setup.2 io_submit.2 lgetxattr.2 listxattr.2
llistxattr.2 lookup_dcookie.2 lremovexattr.2 lsetxattr.2
posix_fadvise.2 readahead.2 removexattr.2 setxattr.2

ftw.3 openpty.3

are new or have been updated.

In short: lots of new syscall pages.

Now that the call for syscall docs was so successful, let me
ask something else. We have console_ioctl.4 and tty_ioctl.4
but lots of other *_ioctl.4 things are wanted.
Contributions are welcome.

Andries -
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