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    SubjectRe: About /etc/mtab and /proc/mounts
    On Thu, 27 Feb 2003 20:47:05 +0100, Kasper Dupont said:

    > mnttab report in those cases? And while we are discussing bind mounts, there
    > is one feature that I have sometimes missed: A possibility to directly mount
    > a subdirectory of a filesystem without having to mount the root of that
    > filesystem first and use a bindmount afterwards.

    Hmm.. so what you mean is being able to have a filesystem called (for example)
    /somewhere, and being able to mount /somewhere/deep/path/like/this on a
    mountpoint /wherever/else, but without having /somewhere mounted itself?
    That looks *almost* doable, except that things like quotas or the free
    block list would be a hassle if then you also went and mounted
    /somewhere/deep/other/path on /something/else

    Or did you want to do 'mount /somewhere/deep /wherever/else' when it's
    /wherever that isn't actually mounted? This looks more.. umm.. interesting,
    as you could (for instance) use an automounter to mount /home/fred, /home/george
    /home/sally, and not actually need a /home? But don't current automounters
    almost do this already?
    Valdis Kletnieks
    Computer Systems Senior Engineer
    Virginia Tech

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