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SubjectRe: Is the GIO_FONT ioctl() busted in Linux kernel 2.4?
"Kendall Bennett" <> wrote:

> From looking at the 2.4 kernel source code that comes with Red
> Hat 8.0, it is clear that these functions are implemented on top
> of a new console font interface that supports 512 characters and
> up to 32x32 pixel fonts (obviously for fb consoles).

Yep, after further investigation the problem is that the VGA console is
configured to run with 512 characters, yet the 'old' interface code is
trying to save/restore only 256 characters so it fails. It could be fixed
if it was changed to save/restore 512 characters, but I don't know if
that will break old code (it won't break mine as I always uses a 64K
buffer to save/restore the font tables).

Can someone who is more experienced with the kernel describe how this can
be properly patched?

I have worked around the problem in my code by simply switching to the
new interface (KDFONTOP), but I would like to know what kernel version
this new interface showed up in. If it was in the 2.0 or even 2.2 kernels
that would be fine since that goes back far enough for the support we


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