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Subject[BUG][2.5.63] New IDE changes cause data corruption on PIIX4 AND additional problems
Booting 2.5.63 I ran into several problems:

1. With full kernel debugging on, sleeping contexts loop forever, Adam Belay
has a fix that worked for me - Still testing

2. When booting over serial console if i get a buffer overrun error, I loose
total access to the machine. I can't ssh in or use direct console. This did
not happen in .62.

3. Data corruption with PIIX4: While vi'ing /etc/lilo.conf exiting, then
vi'ing /etc/inittab saving a change. I ran init q. The moment I ran it i got
a strange panic from bash and a *__timers function. When I rebooted inittab
was corrupt and oddly /etc/inittab became lilo.conf! (it had the same
contents, acrossed inode somehow?).

/me looks at Alan with evil eyes IDE was working so well ;-(

Shawn Starr
UNIX Systems Administrator, Operations
Datawire Communication Networks Inc.
10 Carlson Court, Suite 300
Toronto, ON, M9W 6L2
T: 416-213-2001 ext 179 F: 416-213-2008
"The power to Transact" -

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