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SubjectRe: syslog full of kernel BUGS, frequent intermittent instability
On 26 February 2003 11:12, wyleus wrote:
> Hi folks,
> My recently installed Mandrake 9.0 has been unstable since day one.
> The syslog is full of kernel BUG lines (see below), the crashes are
> frequent, and I don't know how to reproduce them - recognize no
> pattern to them.
> I have run memtest86 overnight (~13 hours) - it reported no errors.
> So would I be correct in assuming that my RAM can be ruled out? I
> have also passed both the "noapic" and "mem=nopentium" parameters to
> lilo, but that hasn't resulted in any noticeable improvement.

cpuburn will help you rule out defective CPU theory.
Also you can start removing/swapping hardware parts.

> I would appreciate any insight anyone can provide. Let me know if I
> can provide any more info.

Test with some vanilla 2.4 kernels, not a distro one. If 2.4.20 crashes,
try some of the earlier kernels too. Compile them for 386 uniprocessor
with debugging and magic SysRq enabled. Provide your .config

Run your klogd with -x to make it stop decoding oopses.
Run oopses thru ksymoops and provide result.
Provide lsmod, lspci output, some of /proc/* files (interrupts etc)

> I haven't suscribed to this ML because I don't want the volume in my
> mailbox - but will monitor this thread through google groups.

People are going to CC you I believe, so don't worry.

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