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SubjectRe: Re: Writing new filesystem

I tried that as well butnothing much seems to happing. I searched
the fs/Makefile for "ext2" It comes in the All_SUB_DIRS variable
setting. I already have added myfs entry for this varible. That is
the reason why it went to fs/myfs in make dep. But that does not
solve the purpose.

I once again tell you what am I doing.

I created a directory as fs/myromfs. I copioed into this folder
everything that was present in fs/romfs. Then I changed the
romfs_fs.h to myromfs_fs.h with all MACROS changed appropriatly. I
included this file in namei.c. I even made changes to all ROMxxx
to MYxxx in inode.c file.
I changed the Makefile for myromfs as well.

Now my problem is how do i compile it.

I tried make from myromfs dir. but it gave error as TOPDIR not
set. So in the Makefile of myromfs I added a entry as
That started the compilation but proper gcc params were not set so
gcc failed. That made me confirmed that $TOPDIR must be

Now I tried to compile from fs dir but again same mesage

So I went one level up and tried to do make at /usr/src/linux
This is I suppose making kernel. It did work but with out much

I then went on to make dep here only.
This time it did go to fs/myromfs and displayed the message
'leaving the dir /usr/src/linux/fs/myromfs'

Now what should I do.

In otherwords, How do i create the new filesysytem using the given
src and makefiles?

Thanks a lot for your Time and Space.


Atta Dipa Bhava
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