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Subject[Bug 415] New: aty128fb.c fails to compile (logic error)

Summary: aty128fb.c fails to compile (logic error)
Kernel Version: 2.5.63
Status: NEW
Severity: normal

Hardware Environment: LX164/alpha
Software Environment: redhat
Problem Description:

the driver aty128fb.c aka DRI for ATI Rage pro fails to compile
due to logic error in aty128fb_setup there are 3 #define cases each
is for mac, intel , or ppc. there is an 4th case for default purposes.
The logic is constructed so that it's an if else logic tree, find a good
case short circuit around the rest. The problem is if one of the three
conditions don't apply then there is an else with no if. I restructured
the code so now it uses continues. Same speed fewer indentions and
it will now compile.

patch will be include in followup.

Steps to reproduce:

select XFree 4.1 DRI modules.
select an non PPC no Intel hardware
select ATI Rage 128 DRI driver

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